Dog Style...Accessories For Puppies

By: Nancy Dewar

Last winter I got a phone call from my dear friend Anne who spends the winter in Florida. I've been down to her fabulous place several times and know many of the people in her building. "You won't believe this one," Anne said. "Sarah just got a new puppy. It's a little Teacup Poodle, white, fluffy and absolutely adorable!"

We chuckled because Sarah already has three Golden Retrievers who spend the winter at home in New York State. But winters down south can get long and a bit lonely with no paws in the house. So, Sarah got what she calls her "travel pup," a small go-anywhere dog!

As we know, there are basic products and accessories one needs when they get a new puppy. When I got Flip-Flop (my Bearded Collie pup) a few years ago, I hit the bricks to get my puppy stuff. I borrowed a crated from a friend and got a great looking bed for it at Marshall's. I stocked up on piddle pads, got a cute little puppy collar, a pet ID tag and a thin, light leash. I also tracked down an old tick-tock clock to comfort her at night. With some new little toys, tasty puppy treats and a dog bowl recycled from one of my past dogs, I was ready for Flip's arrival! We had the necessary accessories and were set to go.

So, I must admit that I was greatly entertained as Anne updated me on Sarah's shopping excursions for her new little travel pup, a.k.a. Flower. A consummate shopper in every category for family and friends, Sarah approaches shopping for her pampered pets in the same focused manner, and Flower was spared no expense! 

For about a month I got weekly updates on Flower's new things. When not loving and snuggling her, Flower's Mom was beating feet to PetsMart, visiting the local boutique dog shops in town and scouring the internet for more great goods! So in addition to the necessary accessories for puppies, Flower was also lavished with many unnecessary accessories, all worthy of a very loved, pampered pet.

Stylish designer dog beds could be found in every room in Sarah's condo! Flower's vast dog toy collection resembled products for people...a stuffed shoe, cell phone, lipstick, purse and more. Regarding fashion accessories, Flower had almost as many as her Mom...collars with bling, preppy collars, collars adorned with Swarovski crystals and Vineyard Vine designs for cocktail parties! Of course, there were also a fair number of new designer dog clothes and an array of designer pet carriers since Flower is a small "go-everywhere" travel pup!

Most of us crazy pet lovers treat our dogs like kids. Some just take it to another level! My pampered pets are treated to daily walks on the beach, "good morning" treats, car rides, home made dog-soup and lots of love, hugs and snugs. I'm sure Flower enjoys the a bit more. It was fun to live vicariously for a few weeks as I was updated on all of the new luxury pet products for Flower. And I must admit that I did order new collars and leashes for my girls and some new dog bowls, as well. Not that Flip-Flop and Moose-Muffin would really care, but it did make me feel like a better Mom! Plus they got lots of compliments on the beach on their shiny new collars...a good push for Snazzy Jazzy Pet, as well!

About the author:
This article was written by Nancy Dewar, founder of Snazzy Jazzy Pet. Nancy has been an enormous pet lover all of her life. As a child she was surrounded by dogs and cats and never stopped trying to bring more rescue pets home! As an adult she has been blessed with five shaggy dogs over the years and currently resides in New Hampshire with Flip-Flop and Moose-Muffin.
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