Dog Style...Collars Past & Present

By: Nancy Dewar

With the growing trend of humanization of pets, many new businesses have come into the marketplace, Snazzy Jazzy Pet included. The range of people-oriented products for pets is amazing and totally fun. Let's talk a bit about collars, which used to be a basic staple and now are viewed as a necessary fashion accessory!

Over the years we had six dogs while I was growing up. So that probably translates into a total of ten to twelve dog collars purchased by my Mother over the years...three puppy collars for the three pups, three adult collars for the pups that grew up and three dog collars for the adult rescue dogs. Plus I threw in three potential additional collars, as a few of the dogs must have lost a collar at some point.  

As I recall, all of the collars were very plain and simple; either black or brown leather (flat or rounded), and eventually, solid-color nylon webbing styles. Those were pretty much the options way back then!

Now it is totally fun for dog lovers to pick out collars for our special pampered pets, as terrific designs abound! Whether one visits a national pet store chain, shots at a local boutique pet store or shops online for pet products, they can be certain that the options for great collars and plenty and fabulous!

Traditional leather collars now come in a magnificent array of styles. The options are mind boggling. They are available in every hue of the rainbow and are no longer simply a collar but more like a fashion accessory for dogs. Many are adorned with bow ties, flowers, Swarovski crystals, spikes, studs and yes, even real diamonds!

I tend to lean toward collars made out of webbing and ribbon, as they are lighter and probably more comfortable for my mid-size dogs to wear. There are so many wonderful and really cool designs out there, it is often hard to decide which collar to buy. Preppy, punk, classic, holiday collars and more...the choice is yours. The price point on these collars is usually very reasonable, so it is fun to switch out your dog's collars seasonally and for holidays.

More unique dog collar choices include designs that are made from oilcloth or laminated, which make them fairly waterproof.  Some of the other unique collars we've found include ones made out of cork, recycled rubber and simply rope. Many companies are now offering the option to have your pet's ID information engraved on the collar buckle, thus eliminating the need for pet ID tags.

Plain old collars are becoming archaic now that a plethora of designs can be found in every brick and mortar pet store and on the many fabulous online dog boutiques. Collars are definitely the new "must have" fashion accessory for canines, and I think that all pampered pets should have at four or more in their wardrobe! To see some really great designs, Google "dogs on youtube" and then search "designer dog collars." You will surely be wowed and amazed...and see some really fun dog footage!

About the author:
This article was written by Nancy Dewar, founder of Snazzy Jazzy Pet. Nancy has been an enormous pet lover all of her life. As a child she was surrounded by dogs and cats and never stopped trying to bring more rescue pets home! As an adult she has been blessed with five shaggy dogs over the years and currently resides in New Hampshire with Flip-Flop and Moose-Muffin.

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