Dog Style...City Dogs & Beach Dogs

By: Lexi Costello

While the beach pup perks up when she smells the ocean breeze, the city dog has a gourmet pet bakery located just across the street. And though a beach pup can roll around in wonderful sand, a city dog has his pick of beautiful local parks. Just as the two pooches have different habitats, they also have different styles; and there are a variety of boutique pet products to suit the city dwellers, the beach bums and everything in between.

Guide to City Dog Accessories

To pampered pets, city streets are long runways. A walk around the block can turn into a high-fashion promenade with designer dog collars and leashes in Italian leather, brilliant fabrics and adorned with bling. Fashionista doggies drool over designer dog apparel! One of my favorites for my dog is the classic monogrammed dog tank by Mimi Green. Designer dog carriers make city living a cinch, and shield pooches from the puparazzi! Back at home pups can dine in style at a contemporary designer dog bowl before counting sheep in their very own bed. I love the PLAY Urban Denim Lounge Pet bed, as is goes with any home design.

Guide to Beach Dog Accessories

Whether the tide's high or low, if surf's up or the sun is out, beach dogs have the laid-back lifestyle down to pat. Snazzy Jazzy's waterproof collars from Mimi Green and surf-power dog harnesses allow pooches to doggy paddle through the waves fuss-free. The preppy prints from Vineyard Vines dog collars and leashes, meanwhile, will fit in at any beach side BBQ. When dinner is served back home, doggies can keep the seafront spirit alive with a personalized dog bowl feeder decorated with crabs, lobsters and Fido's name! And while many beach pups prefer their own coats over designer dog clothes, a peace charm hippie necklace is a perfect accessory for your fun-loving canine.

About the author:
Lexi Costello is a professional writer based in Chicago. Lexi grew up in New England with her black Lab Pepper and spent her summers on The Seacoast of New Hampshire. Her dog Ducky, an adorable Shar-Pei, spent his first few years living at the beach before moving to the city. He still accompanies Lexi on trips back to the beach, so he truly is a dog with city- and beach-style. 

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