Living Alone In The Company Of Dogs

By Nancy Dewar

Living alone, simply in the company of dogs, reminds me of the lyrics from a popular Rolling Stones song from when I was in high school. "You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need."

I, absolutely, have gotten what I need from my dogs! Somehow God knew that I needed to be surrounded by four-legged creatures, and he sent me the most marvelous, amazing ones he ever could have!

Living alone, in the company of dogs, gives me a bigger reason to get up every day! I would so love to just snuggle in bed, cause beds always feels the best and most squishiest in the morning. But "my girls" need to go they motivate me to get up and go out.

I love our silly morning chatting to them..."Good morning girls...time for our morning treats!" Tails wags, they follow me to the kitchen, love the sound of the crystal treat jar opening and closing...and tails wag vigorously!. Two little, simple treats...and you'd think I'd given them the Taj Mahal.

Living alone, with just my dogs, gives me a reason to talk and use my voice every day! So much of business is done via email, there is little human connection or conversation these days except for phone calls from friends (those who, thankfully, are not yet texting!). So if one lives alone, without other humans, talking to the dogs is simply natural.

This is what Flip-Flop and Moose-Muffin hear often during the course of a business day at home: "Oh no. Yay! Help. This is good. I'm so sick of this computer." And on & on. What's funny is the fact that they wag when I say positive things and walk away when my tone of voice isn't so great. Dogs truly get our emotions...maybe better than we get our own.

I sing to my dogs, and I have the world's worst voice ever. My dogs love the sound and the joy generated by my singing...and they think I am the best singer in the whole wide world! Maybe I them! Singing is all about joy. That's what dogs need, understand and give...JOY.

Living alone, with just my dogs, takes me away from myself. My biggest job is looking out for them. Most of my friends have husbands and/or kids to look after. I have my dogs...thank God! Their health needs are bigger than mine. Their happiness is as important as mine. Probably more, which most non-dog people will never get. My attention to their fun-quotient is surely bigger than my attention to the same for me. (Think I need to work on this one...ha ha!).

Living alone, in the company of dogs, means you can sometimes be a bit crazy and irreverant, and no one will ever know! Your dogs always think you are grand, whereas given the same experience...your friends would think you are nuts!

I've been an animal lover my entire life and have always been surrounded by dogs. How lucky I am to still be surrounded by such wonderful pets. I guess I really don't live alone...I live with "my girls!"
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