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Snazzy Jazzy brings unique, boutique products directly to YOU...our community of fellow pet lovers. We discover unusual, upscale and trendsetting products for pets and pet-lovers that will have tongues wagging and a few tails too!

We are all about the thrill of the hunt. You never know what great Discoveries will pop up each week...something for your pet...something for your home...or something for you!

We think the goods you find on Snazzy Jazzy will truly make you stand out from your pet-loving crowd and, quite possibly, start a trend in your neighborhood!

The Snazzy Jazzy Story

Snazzy Jazzy was founded by Nancy Dewar following a 20 year career in advertising and 15 years as an entrepreneur. Nancy worked for J. Walter Thompson, McCann-Erickson and other agencies in account management. Her client roster included Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Burger King and Kay Jewelers.

Nancy wrote and published two books relating to pets and created Bottle Raps, the first ever greeting tags for wine. Passionate about design, she also renovated and flipped several homes as well as produced photo shoots for J. Jill, L.L. Bean and other clients.

While developing a product line related to pets, Nancy came up with the idea of SnazzyJazzyPet.com. Knowing that so many people love finding great things to celebrate their love of animals, why not simply go out and discover the most fun and unique products for our pets, our homes and ourselves...and share these finds?

Snazzy Jazzy operates with a small, passionate staff located on The Seacoast of New Hampshire. Nancy's dogs, Moose-Muffin and Flip-Flop, are Snazzy's enthusiastic Directors of Hospitality. Our freelance staff resides in New York, Philadelphia and Denver; and our Snazzy Style Contributors come from all over the U.S.

Our Inspiration...The Real Snazzy Jazzy

By Nancy Dewar

Snazzy Jazzy, first known as simply Jazz, was an abused champion show dog. She was a gorgeous Portuguese Water Dog that I rescued in 2000 when she was seven. She arrived in my home terrified of life with her tail hanging low. Jazz did not know how to run. She only could do her show dog trot. She ate lying down, as she had spent most of her life in a crate. Surrounded by love, Jazz started to find her real dog within. As she gained confidence, she learned to run, swim, tease and play. She also learned that she could be quite funny! She then became Snazzy Jazzy! She finally knew that life could be fun and lived the rest of her life with her tail wagging furiously!

Our Philosophy

It's pretty easy to guess: Live Life With A Wag!

Nancy with her dogs

Flip-Flop & Moose-Muffin
Flip-Flop & Moose-Muffin
Directors of Hospitality...hard at work

The original Snazzy Jazzy
Snazzy Jazzy
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