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We continue to build our team of talented and trusted Snazzy Style Contributors to assist us in finding the best in unique, upscale products for pets and people from America and abroad.

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We invite you to become a Snazzy Style Contributor! We are always searching for new products and would love for you to share items for pets and their people that you think others will find unique and fabulous.

If you know of unique designer dog beds, luxury dog crates, upscale dog clothes, custom dog collars or have suggestions for other boutique pet accessories you find irresistible, we want to hear about them.

If you covet any home decor accessories or apparel that relates to pets, share it with us. Whether for yourself, your pet, or your friends, the list is limitless we think your ideas will be, too!

We look forward to hearing from you and will respond to your ideas as quickly as possible. Thank you!

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