Custom Stained Glass Mosiac Pet Portraits

The Discovery: Artist Jacqueline Winch

Prices start at $2,200.00

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to commission a custom pet portrait that is made from thousands of tiny glass pieces (some as small as a grain of rice) painstakingly placed to create a mosaic replica of your loved pet. Literally thousands of pieces of hand-cut glass make up this amazing portraiture. Subtle shadings and varying glass textures and placement, enhance the multi-dimensional aspects of these wonderful mosaic works, including deep further dimensional, wrap-around sides. The artist also creates the "glint" in the eyes, which, although a small creative detail, adds significant "life" to the subject - a technique of her own creation and which is most effective.

The artist works from supplied photographs. Prior to starting a commission, she will consult with you on the desired size, position of animal and any other personalized items you may want incorporated; i.e. include their name, favorite toy, etc. Depending on the number of commissions in the queue, the average time to complete your design is eight to ten weeks. Once all of the details are discussed, you will have a final price quote and delivery time frame.

These beautiful works of art are not simply limited to pet portraits! Please feel free to request a commission of your children, your home or perhaps something else near and dear to your heart!

The Story

These fabulous creations are the work of artist Jacqueline Winch. Upon completing her art degree from UCLA, Ms. Winch spent many years immersed in ceramics, weaving and printmaking. Immediately after UCLA, she opened her commercial studio, "The Pottery," in Los Angeles. Her work at this time found its way into many prestigious galleries alongside other notable artists such as Ruth Duckworth, Peter Volkos, John Lewis and Ken Price.

Jacqueline's career in stained glass began in 1969 when she exchanged lessons in ceramics with a young master glass craftsman's apprentice from the UK. In the late 60's there was a resurgence of interest in stained glass; however there were few modern tools and raw materials for serious glass making. Hence, Jacqueline actually learned to create her designs using the "Old World" (centuries old) techniques. The majority of her glass was purchased from Europe until high quality glass became available domestically.

She also worked for several years as a studio artist and instructor for the prestigious Meredith Stained Glass Studios in Washington DC. One of her great thrills during her tenure was being selected to repair and restore a rare antique Louis Comfort Tiffany lampshade for one of Meredith's clients. Another thrilling coupe was having one of her personalized kaleidoscopes commissioned for Ringo Starr's personal art collection.

Ms. Winch's work has been displayed in notable galleries throughout the US and featured in numerous publications world-wide. When asked how she feels about being such an accomplished artist, she responds, "My greatest satisfaction is when my work pleases others. There will never be enough time to create all of the designs I'd like to, and each piece I do leads to the next with eager anticipation." Jacqueline resides in Southern California with her husband and their adored Goldendoodle, Soleil.

The Details

To commission a custom Jacqueline Winch mosaic portrait, please send us an email via our "Contact" link and reference Mosaic Portrait in the subject line.

Please include your contact information, desired size and a few photo attachments of your subject matter.

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