The Les Poochs Crocodile M Collection Carrier Bag


A totally decadent dog carrier for totally upscale pups and pooches!

The Discovery

This is, quite likely, the most luxurious, stylish and decadent dog carrier ever conceived! Made from genuine Nile Crocodile, Les Poochs’ Crocodile M Collection carrier sets a new standard of opulence. Not only is it sleek and stunning, but it also features a multitude of functional features. Your pooch will travel in total comfort surrounded by the plush interior ultra-suede padding and can view the world from the top of the bag or through the special side window equipped with two safety zippers and a nylon mesh screen. For the “Pooch Master” the bag features two large compartments to safely store wallets, keys, make-up and other essentials. Long leather straps with the revolutionary Aluminum T6061 click mechanism allows the carrier to rest comfortably on one’s shoulder while striding confidently in style. These custom made bags elevate “traveling in style” to an entirely new level! 

Note:  Les Poochs’ alligator products are made solely from alligator skin obtained as a result of nuisance control. They do not use leather which results from recreational hunting or skins obtained from alligator farms which raise these animals as a food source.

The Story

Les Poochs was founded by Michel Raviol with the mission of providing the absolutely finest quality products for the pampered pooch. Developed in the South of France, the company launched with an elegant, exquisite line of pet fragrances created by top perfumers. These distinctive fragrances made their debut in November 1987 at Bloomingdales in New York and quickly became a sensation, outselling many top name “human” perfumes! The Raviol family has since extended their line to include luxury finishing shampoos, crème rinses, organic treats, brushes and elegant accent accessories for upscale dogs and their stylish people. They use only the finest ingredients and materials, and though Les Poochs is indeed expensive, their exclusive products are well worth the investment.

The Snazz

Our Style Contributor, April Scott McCann, came across this exquisite line while searching for a luxury dog carrier for her adored Chihuahua, Pepecito. “This is absolutely the most elegant carrier I have ever seen.  It is beyond beautiful.  I periodically splurge on fabulous bags for myself.  This would be over the top, a total splurge...which I haven’t done as of yet!”

The Details

Price:  $15,000
Available in glazed Black, Red, Green & Orange
Custom made; ships in 4-6 weeks

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